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Child - $55 
Adult - $100
Cosmetic - $200 
ACC patients no charge

Smaller Procedure Costs: - Examples
In our theatre under local anaesthetic
Carpal tunnel release (one hand) - $1300
Upper Eyelids  / Blepharoplasty - $2,800

Excision of lesions and skin grafting costs can be discussed by contacting us.

Larger Operations Total Prices (typical average cost guide- this may vary with patient weight and operating time for bigger cases)  Surgery performed under general anaesthetic.  These costs include the surgical fee, anaesthetic costs, and all hospital charges.

Breast Reduction Cost - $10,200

Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck Cost - $13,000 with Body Mass Index (BMI) <27

Full face lift surgery Cost - $16,000 including fat grafting to face, upper and lower eyelids, neck surgery

For most other operations involving a general anaesthetic an estimate may be given prior to consultation by contacting our staff.  However some surgery types require a consultation to determine the exact treatment that is required and costs involved.  Most plastic surgery operations can be safely performed as day surgery without the need to stay in hospital overnight afterwards.

Often procedures are combined eg. abdominal and breast surgery together at the same operation.  This makes the cost significantly cheaper under the same anesthetic, and also just one recovery period after surgery.

For most body contouring surgery eg. abdominoplasty we require the Body mass index (BMI) to be <27.  

Bigger operations such as body contouring surgery of multiple areas after significant weight loss may require 1-2 nights in hospital to recover initially.